GREATEST influence on student achievement

During my EDC3100 class yesterday, our lecturer showed us a narrowed down list of John Hattie’s list that contains 138 influences related to student achievement. We were shown 20 or so possible influences that can effect student success and achievement. In small groups of two, we were given the task to narrow down and guess what we thought would be the most biggest influence! We were provided with an ‘Elimination Draw’ where we would be able to effectively narrow down our guesses to one ‘winning’ guess that we considered would most effect student achievement!  I have uploaded a photo I took of the Elimination Draw that Myself and a fellow student Emma completed together! As you can see we narrowed ours down to ‘students concentration and engagement’ as being the most influenced for student achievement. After we all shared what our ‘winner’ was, we were then showed which influence it really is that has the greatest effect on students! Are you ready to find out!…




1. Student Self-Reported Grades

Self reported grades comes out at the top of all influences. Children are the most accurate when predicting how they will perform. In a video Hattie explains that if he could write his book Visible Learning for Teachers again, he would re-name this learning strategy “Student Expectations” to express more clearly that this strategy involves the teacher finding out what are the student’s expectations and pushing the learner to exceed these expectations. Once a student has performed at a level that is beyond their own expectations, he or she gains confidence in his or her learning ability.

Example for Self-reported grades: Before an exam, ask your class to write down what mark the student expects to achieve. Use this information to engage the student to try to perform even better.


This study shows that it is very important to ask students to predict how they will perform and raise the expectations they set for their themselves and their work. Hattie believes that a teachers role is to help students succeed what they think they can do, and to provide students with the confidence and skills to to reach their fullest potential.

Personally, I agree with this. I am sure that if I had a teacher through high school who pushed me in believing I could do things to a higher standard, then I would have worked a lot harder and seen some great results! What do you think?


HERE is a website where you can download a free printable Elimination Draw template. Great thinking tool resource for the classroom!



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